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The "Small Business Advisor" Windows ® software editions for each of 32 states and D.C. are currently available, for $19.95 each. Each state edition includes the full text (approximately 500 pages) of our "Starting and Operating a Business" e-book for that state, in HTML (hypertext) format, read with your Internet Explorer browser. The software also fully customizes the book and the included extensive checklists for your business, after asking you 15 or 20 questions about the business. The state information for each of the 33 editions has been fully updated for each such state in 2016, 2017, or 2018. The federal content has been fully updated for 2018 and 2019 tax rates and all inflation-adjusted amounts in the tax code, such as pension plan and IRA limitations.

The federal tax and other legal and regulatory information in each of the 33 Small Business Advisor software editions has been updated for all of the following:

  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which left almost no stone unturned in the federal Internal Revenue Code, changing hundreds of sections of the tax law, including such major changes as reduction of the corporate tax rate to 21% and providing a deduction for up to 20% of the profits earned by an individual as owner or part-owner of an unincorporated business or S corporation.

  • The 21st Century Cures Act of Congress, which, beginning in 2017, allows small employers that do not have to (and do not choose to) provide full health care insurance plans for employees to instead establish QSEHRA plans (medical reimbursement plans) to provide some limited medical benefits to their workers. Previously, under ObamaCare, there were massive tax penalties that made it impossible for employers to continue to have or to start limited medical reimbursement plans that were not full-fledged ObamaCare health plans.

  • Recent legislation regarding the R & D tax credit that, beginning in 2016, has now been made much more available and usable by small and startup businesses, since the credits can now be used to offset payroll tax liability, when the company has little or no taxable income or income tax liability against which the credit can be applied.

  • The dozens of federal tax code inflation adjustments for 2019, for pension plans and IRA deductions and income limitations, fringe benefit limitations, the annual gift tax exclusion, income tax brackets, the 2018 Social Security and FICA taxable wage base, and other items, as announced by the I.R.S. in late 2018;

  • Dramatic changes in the overtime pay regulations, adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor in May, 2016 and scheduled to go into effect by December, 2016, which would require employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime hours worked by many white-collar employees but which have been put on hold by a federal court (appeal pending);

  • The sweeping tax law changes enacted by Congress in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016;

  • The passage of federal legislation making the 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act provisions permanent, enacted as part of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, which was signed into law in 2016;
  • The tax provisions that were included in the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015, which greatly increased penalties for businesses that fail to file Form 1099 information returns on time (or at all);

  • The tax provisions that were added to the Surface Transportation and Veterans Choice Improvements Act of 2015, which have changed the long-standing (nearly a century) filing due dates for both C corporation and partnership tax returns, starting with 2016 tax years of such entities;

  • The massive federal health care reform legislation (Obamacare) and subsequent major ObamaCare changes through 2019, including coverage of new ObamaCare regulations that went into effect in 2015 and 2016, regarding mandated employer-provided health insurance coverage for all but very small businesses, and health care tax credits for those exempted small businesses.

    SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR (updated regularly) is a gold mine of useful, up to date, and authoritative business, tax and legal information and customized advice for your small or startup business. Written by Michael D. Jenkins, a Harvard lawyer/CPA, the software uses artificial intelligence techniques to assemble and create a customized copy of the long time best-selling business self-help book, "Starting and Operating a Business in California" (or New York, Texas, etc., depending on which version you order) for any of 32 states or D.C. And it does so in a matter of seconds, on your computer (as HTML hyper-text files, readable with Internet Explorer).

    Click on any of the following items to find out more about this software and e-book series:

    • View a customized Small Business Startup Checklist, as created by the Small Business Advisor software for a hypothetical small retail company in Idaho. Law firms, accountants and other business advisors find this feature of the software to be a great time-saver, since it enables you to create and print out a comprehensive, detailed 6- to 8-page startup checklist of tax and legal requirements for your new small business clients, in about 2 minutes total, once you know your client's fact situation.
    • View a sample table of contents, as created by the Small Business Advisor software for the Starting and Operating a Business in California edition, for a California manufacturer.
    • download a FREE (shareware) version of the Windows ® software and the "Starting and Operating a Business" electronic books for 3 states (ND, VT and WY) and the District of Columbia.
    • Click here to see when your state's edition of this series was last fully revised and updated.

    Or check out our Small Business News page, for a sample of the kind of information you'll find every book in this series. No fluff -- just useful, carefully researched information. The books in this series lay out the ground rules you need to understand in order to start or run a business in your state.

    Each of the books that can be created by this front-end software is assembled from extensive text data files by the software only after you first complete a brief interview about your business. The software uses your answers to the interview questions to create a fully-customized edition of the book (for your state), tailored specifically for your business. Each of the books the software can create includes customized information on hundreds of small business topics, information and advice on tax and legal requirements for any of the included states and D.C., and the Small Business Advisor software also creates a detailed customized business startup checklist for you, based on the facts of your small business, and the particular requirements for your state.


    The "national chapters" of the books were all updated during 2018 and reflect recent federal tax and other legislation enacted through December, 2018, as well as a large number of 2019 inflation-adjusted tax numbers, such as tax brackets and pension plan limitations of various types. (Many of which have already been made obsolete by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was passed by Congress in December, 2017.)

    Each of the state chapters we still publish has also been updated in 2016 or 2017 or 2018. (18 state chapters are no longer being updated or published since 2013.) We generally completely revise and update 2 or 3 of the state chapters every month of the year, and one or two of the other 15 (national) chapters each month, to keep the contents of each edition consistently fresh and up to date.

    Major new federal law changes are usually incorporated into the "national chapters" shortly after details of such legislation becomes available -- so the information in this software/ebook series is always exceptionaly fresh and current. Stale, out-of-date tax and legal information is useless, or even dangerous information.

    Each book edition is approximately 450 to 550 pages long, if you choose to print it out from the electronic version that this software creates. And all of it is good, hard, useful information you can use, carefully researched -- no "fluff." One-click printing of the entire book is a cinch -- all you need is a printer and a ream of paper, if you want a "hard copy."

    Each edition of the books consists of 16 "national" chapters and a state laws/taxes chapter for the relevant state, plus 3 appendices: a lengthy, customized business startup checklist (Appendix A); a very detailed and extensive Business Plan Outline, including step-by-step instructions for creating your business plan (Appendix B); and a file that includes links to all of the official tax and other government forms (.PDF files) that are included with this package (Appendix C).

    The Small Business Advisor software that is the "front-end" for the books also includes an "Entrepreneur's Self-Test" you can take, on-screen, to help you determine how well-suited you are to starting and running your own business and a "Consultant" button that will guide you through a number of complex tax issues, by asking you a series of very specific questions. The "Consultant" is primarily provided for tax professionals to help sort out technical tax issues, such as whether a company can make an S corporation election, whether a business is subject to the passive activity rules, or whether a corporation is a "personal holding company" or a "personal services corporation," plus a corporate tax calculator, and more.

    To view helpful free articles on this web site, click on one of the following article links:

    Although the Starting and Operating a Business books are electronic books, you will not need one of the dedicated e-book machines to read the books in this series -- instead, you will be able to view the "Starting and Operating a Business" books on any Windows ® based desktop or laptop/notebook computer with Internet Explorer installed. (However, we now offer Kindle e-book editions as well, for 32 states and the District of Columbia.)

    All you need, besides your Windows-based computer, is the Internet Explorer web browser -- and, if you wish to fill in and print out any of the tax or other government forms provided with the e-books, you will need the freely available Adobe Reader ® software, which is required to view or print .PDF files. (Most computer users will already have the free Adobe Reader installed.) Click on the button below to go to the Small Business Advisor ordering page.


    In 2011, we began converting all of our 51 state and D.C. editions to Kindle e-books, for use on your Kindle or on other devices that offer Kindle apps. By May, 2011, all 51 of our state and D.C. editions, such as Starting and Operating a Business in California, were available as Kindle editions on At present, however, only 33 Kindle editions are for sale on, at $9.99 each, since decided in 2013 that we could not sell all 51 state editions, due to an inflexible bureaucratic rule of Amazon. All 33 Kindle state editions are 2016 or 2017 editions. To order a Kindle edition, CLICK HERE.

    Note that even if you haven't bought a Kindle device from Amazon, there are free Kindle "apps" for many other devices, including the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc., that will allow you to download and read Kindle e-books on your desktop or laptop computer, phone or iPad.


    However, Mac users (or Windows ® users) may order our Kindle e-book for the state edition you want. Kindle 2016 or 2017 editions are now available for 32 states and the District of Columbia. The Kindle e-book editions are similar to the HTML e-books that come with the Small Business Advisor (for Windows ® ) software, but the Kindle e-book will not be customized to reflect the facts of your particular business, unlike the HTML version that comes with our Windows ® front-end software -- Small Business Advisor. (While Kindle versions are updated annually, our HTML version for a particular state may be a few months more current, as it may include interim update material.)

    (Access to the Internet is not required to run the program or view the customized e-books in HTML file format that the Small Business Advisor software will assemble for you, although such access can be helpful, if you wish to go immediately to various government or other web sites that the books and software link to, to download additional tax forms or publications, etc.)

    Earlier versions of the Small Business Advisor and the (prior) print versions of the "Starting and Operating a Business in ..." (state) book series have been used nationwide by SBA offices, SCORE counselors, and Small Business Development Centers, and well over a million copies of the print versions were sold before it was discontinued by our previous publishers. The author of the original (MS-DOS) version of Small Business Advisor and of the "Starting and Operating a Business in ..." series of books, Michael D. Jenkins, re-acquired the rights to both the software and the book series in 2004, and has created all-new versions of each, in this new combined format, where the Small Business Advisor software actually assembles the "Starting and Operating a Business" book editions on your hard disk, from extensive text data files, and also creates customized, comprehensive business startup checklists, among other tasks.

    More than a series of simple e-books, the Small Business Advisor software program interviews you to obtain a number of key facts about your existing or planned business, and then uses that information to create a "customized" book for you, in the form of HTML (hypertext) files and customized startup checklists. The resulting e-book and startup checklist items will all reflect both federal laws and the laws of the selected state, and are based on factors such as the type of business, number of employees, type of legal entity, and other facts entered by you in the brief interview. Thus, the authoritative text and checklists presented are highly specific and germane to the YOUR specific small business, unlike printed books or other (static) electronic books.



    NOTICE: State editions are available for each of 32 states and the District of Columbia. No editions are available for the following 18 states: Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, or Wisconsin.

    PRIVACY STATEMENT: Ronin Software will not sell or divulge any information about visitors to this site or anyone who downloads or purchases our software or books. Any information you provide our on-line reseller, SWREG.ORG (now part of Digital River), will only be used by them for administrative purposes, and will only be used by Ronin Software to notify you of future upgrades of the product you have purchased or for customer support. Please see also our Vendor's (Digital River's) Privacy Statement. You take your privacy seriously, and so do we.

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